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Sat on the banks of the River Trent in the county of Staffordshire, the town of Burton on Trent grew historically as an important crossing point on the river.

The town has long been associated with the brewing trade as a direct result of the quality of the local water, which has protected status in order to preserve this quality.

Burton is home to a number of major breweries, including the UK base for the large Canadian beer company Coors which makes Worthington and Carling beers in the town, as well as a number of smaller independent lager and bitter manufacturers. One of the industry's by-products, yeast extract, has meant that the town is also the home of factories producing both Marmite and Bovril.

Burton on Trent was originally based around the abbey of St Modwen and, since the eighteenth century, there has been an impressive Gothic red sandstone church in the town dedicated to the saint.

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